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Hydrocodone is a drug that is derived from codeine. Hydrocodone is an orally taken medicine and used as a painkiller and cough relief, often in mixture with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Hydrocodone is recommended mostly within the United States and all over the world that’s why hydrocodone is famous internationally recommended pain reliever.

It is advertised, in its varying forms and under a number of trademarks,and brands including Vicodin, Anexsia, Dicodid, Hycodan (or generically Hydromet), Hycomine, Lorcet, Lortab, Norco, Novahistex, Hydroco, Tussionex, Gentex, Vicoprofen, Xodol, Bekadid, Calmodid, Codinovo, Duodin, Kolikodol, Orthoxycol, Mercodinone, Synkonin, Norgan, and Hydrokon. 

Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen are the ingredients of Watson medicine and both are Pain Killer stimulants. Watson medicine is basically used for short term Pain like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and harsh cough issue. As per FDA this Watson medicine is categorized as Pregnancy Category C medicine because risk cannot be ruled out. So maybe this medicine will harm your pregnancy or maybe not but probability says it will harm because of its stimulants. Watson medicine also called a Schedule II controlled substance because it has high potential of abuse.

Only medical doctor will prescribes this medicine as per your medical condition. If you have severe problem they will give you prescription of Hydrocodone pills and through this prescription you can buy hydrocodone from any pharmacy or any online legal stores. Now days online pharmacies are the best way to purchase medicine without any effort, through these pharmacies you can order hydrocodone using your credit cards. You must need to know this important information that many fake pharmacy and stores are available and they are also offering these medicines and many of them are selling fake products and it will harm you, if you purchased from them. Be careful while choosing Store or Pharmacy online.

Overview of hydrocodone Pills

Hydrocodone medicine is used to cure average to serious pain and as an antitussive to cure coughing. In one research evaluating the strength of hydrocodone to that of oxycodone, it was discovered that it took 50% more hydrocodone to get the same level of miosis. The researchers considered this to mean that oxycodone is about 50% more effective than hydrocodone. However, in a research of e. r. sufferers with bone injuries, it was discovered that an equivalent quantity of either medication offered about the same level of treatment, showing that there is little realistic distinction between them when used for that objective. 

Side Effects of Hydrocodone Pills

Mostly negative reactions of hydrocodone are nausea, stomach problems, sleepiness, faintness, unclear thinking, anxiety, unusually happy or sad feelings, and dry neck, difficulty in peeing, allergy, itchiness. Serious negative reactions include uneven and slow berating and chest stiffness.

In Many cases of modern bilateral hearing problems less capable to anabolic steroid therapy have been described as an infrequent negative reaction to hydrocodone abuse. This negative effect has been considered by some to be due to the ototoxicity of hydrocodone. Other experts have suggested that is the major agent responsible for the ototoxicity.

Hydrocodone is a habit-forming medication, and can lead to really mental addiction, but the potential for addiction differs from personal to personal based on unique biological variations. Sales and production of this medication have more than doubled recently, because of massive and unlawful use. In the United States genuine hydrocodone and forms containing more than 15 mg per doses expedient are considered schedule II medication. Those containing less than or similar to 15 mg per dose unit along with acetaminophen or another non-controlled medication are called hydrocodone substances and are considers schedule III medication.

Hydrocodone over dose 

Hydrocodone over dose happens when someone deliberately or unintentionally take too much medication containing these components. An individual may unintentionally take too much of the medication because they are not getting relief from their regular quantities. There are many factors why an individual may deliberately take too much of this medication. Buy can cause serious damage to individual who are hydrocodone overdosed

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